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Terms of Purchase

Any and all Applications & Hooks purchased from (PIN) Modifications (ie peaderfi) come with the following terms and conditions:
  • Refund Policy All purchases made are final once the product has been delivered. This is due to the fact that I am unable to ensure, if given a refund after delivery, that you will not continue to use the product. Prior to product delivery should a buyer not wish to continue with a transaction they should contact the author via personal conversation here quoting the transaction ID and requesting a refund.
  • License Your purchase grants you a non-exclusive license to use the product on one IP.Board installation unless specified otherwise in the license conditions provided with the purchase. This license is forfeit should any of the conditions laid out herein be violated. In addition the sharing of any products from this site with 3rd parties is grounds for immediate revocation of licenses for all products purchased through this site.
  • Copyright Removal Copyright Removal can be purchased for any product you buy. To avail of this option you must pay a one-time fee of $10 per product purchased. To illustrate the exact meaning behind this term of purchase a few examples are provided below.
    • Customer A purchases 6 licenses for ProductA. In addition they purchase the Copyright Removal option for ProductA. This means that they are permitted to remove the copyright on all of the installations permitted by their 6 licenses for ProductA.
    • Customer B purchases 1 license for ProductA, 1 license for ProductB, and 1 license for ProductC. In addition they also purchase the Copyright Removal option for ProductA. This means that they are permitted to remove the copyright on the installation of ProductA that they are permitted to have, but not on either or the installations allowed for ProductB or ProductC.
  • Updates/Upgrades Policy Customers will get updates to and support for the app for 6 months from the initial purchase date. Thereafter support and access to updates can be optionally renewed for 6 months according to the following grading:
    • Initial Cost $10 and under: $5.00
    • Initial Cost between $10 and $20: $7.50
    • Initial Cost over $20: $10.00
  • Legacy Updates/Upgrades Policy When a new version of IP.Board comes out I will endeavour to ensure that the paid products work with the new version and produce an update/upgrade for the product. For those who have already purchased the product this upgrade will cost as follows:
    • Initial Cost $10 and under: Half Initial Purchase Price
    • Initial Cost between $10 and $20: $7.50
    • Initial Cost over $20: $10.00
    • For reference a new version is deemed to be a major point release of IP.Board. If the product stops working between minor point releases a fix shall be provided free of charge.
    Note: Any customers who purchased the Topic Hover Preview app prior to the 10th of August 2010 will of course be able to avail of the $3.75 support/updates renewal price and will continue to renew their updates/support according to the Legacy Updates/Upgrades Policy. Existing customers, whose support/updates contract is not inactive, may opt to transition their support/updates renewal contract according to the new Updates/Upgrades Policy. Customers who so decide will have their support/upgrades period under the new contract reset to start on the 30th August 2010. Those wishing to transition to the new Policy terms need only submit a ticket at The Mod Station requesting such.